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Latest Headlines

UK regulators sign off on subsea transmission link

After substantial haggling over finances, and more possibly to come, British regulator Ofgem has authorized an almost 100-mile subsea high-voltage direct current cable between onshore power conversion facilities and Spittal in Central Caithness. The project will be a substantial upgrade for an old electricity network and will add capacity for bringing renewable energy to the grid.

Alaskan villages a testing ground for bringing smart grid to small communities

Smart grid technologies are helping renewable sources become an important resource for energy in the hundreds of remote communities of Alaska— allowing residents to understand their energy use, eliminating as much need for generators as possible.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to travel to China to discuss clean energy, smart grid

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced on Tuesday, Dec. 9, that he would be embarking on a business development mission to China, focusing on smart cities and smart growth.

Illinois Senate grants extension for ComEd's smart meter program

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and Ameren Illinois won a big victory in the Illinois legislature on Thursday, Dec. 4, after the Senate voted 40-4 to approve a two-year extension on their smart grid program.

Ontario Smart Grid Fund investing in 17 more projects

Ontario, Canada is building one of the most advanced electricity grids in the world and supporting 17 new energy projects, ranging from smart metering and grid automation to electric vehicle integration, with nearly $24 million through its Smart Grid Fund.

Detroit blackout just the tip of the iceberg

"Our nation's electricity infrastructure is outdated by the better part of a century," said Mark Gray, CEO of Cybergy Partners, Inc. "As the grid continues to age, we can expect similar incidents, driven not only by equipment degradation, severe weather, but also, unfortunately, by security breaches."

Con Edison wins Outstanding System Reliability Award

Con Edison is in the middle of its four-year $1 billion storm hardening program in the wake of 2012's Superstorm Sandy. Some of the investments already have paid dividends, including the installation of 3,000 devices that isolate and clear temporary faults on overhead electric systems.

Southern CA a pioneer of microgrids, biorenewables and clean transport

Southern California is driving the state's clean transportation sector and new microgrid and biorenewable technology, and making them world class, according to research from the nonpartisan nonprofit group Next 10, thanks to unique local assets in the Los Angeles area and San Diego region that are being leveraged to drive innovation, investment, and growth in the clean economy.

DoD launches first V2G fleet

The 42 plug-in electric vehicle (EV) fleet at Los Angeles Air Force Base, home of the Space and Missile Systems Center, is part of a year-long small-scale proof-of-concept demonstration and test project as part of the U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD) broader focus on energy security, energy supply assurance, energy resiliency and energy demand reduction.

First ROW grant in federal waters paves way for Block Island renewable energy access

The project as proposed would involve the installation of a bi-directional submerged transmission cable between Block Island and the Rhode Island mainland. The transmission system would connect Deepwater Wind's proposed 30 MW Block Island Wind Farm, located in Rhode Island state waters about 2.5 nautical miles southeast of Block Island, to the Rhode Island mainland and transmit power from the existing onshore transmission grid on the mainland to Block Island. The ROW corridor, which is about eight nautical miles long and 200 feet wide, comprises the portion of the transmission line that crosses federal waters.