$500M PECO investment pays off in 700 completed infrastructure projects

PECO invests approximately $500 million a year to upgrade its electric system infrastructure, resulting in 145 completed reliability projects in the last three month of 2014 and more than 545 projects completed during the first three quarters of 2014 -- totaling nearly 700 projects.

PNM says settlement proposal will resolve all issues in its transmission formula rate case

Under the terms of the agreement, PNM will use a return on equity of 10 percent in the calculation of formula-based rates, which will be updated annually in June. The calculation is based on a historical test year with adjustments for projected changes to certain rate base items, including utility plant.

Transmission line to run 387 miles between Norway and Germany

A plan to link the German and Norwegian power grids will become Europe's longest high-voltage direct current power grid connection. 

Construction on underwater Lake Erie transmission line could begin by 2016

The Lake Erie Connector -- which will span 73 miles from Ontario, Canada to western Erie County -- could begin construction as early as 2016.

Dominion Virginia Power ''perilously close'' to blackouts due to project delays

Dominion Virginia Power is warning the area of possible brownouts of blackouts if the company does not get approval for a transmission line that is set to cross the James River. In a letter written to the Army Corps of Engineers earlier in March, Dominion project manager Wade Briggs explained the possible consequences for further delay in the project.

FPL most reliable power provider in Florida

According to 2014 Florida Public Service Commission performance data, Florida Power & Light's (FPL) reliability continues to rank the best of all major electric companies in Florida, the result of more than $1.8 billion in system investments.

Worldwide smart grid to reach $118B by 2019

The global smart grid market will reach $118.1 billion in 2019 -- up from $37.7 billion in 2012 and growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2 percent, according to Transparency Market Research (TMR).

Data reveals reliability impact of storm damage years after grid restoration

New field data from Exacter, Inc., a grid analytics company, is revealing a correlation between significant weather-related outage events and the subsequent near-term health of the overhead grid, confirming what many have believed for a long time -- major storms have a significant non-visible impact on grid health even after complete system restoration.

TSO-DSO relationship important part of future grid

Transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs) are two important parts of the energy process, and how well they work together plays a crucial role in the operability of the grid.

Interoperability and the integrated grid

Simply put, interoperability unleashes innovation. In a traditional utility architecture where elements of the system (breakers, transformers, capacitors, regulators, etc.) are pretty much working independently, interoperability was not that critical.