Reports recommend action plan to protect cities from severe weather

The fact that cities need better strategies and investment plans to protect them from power outages in the face of severe weather events is nothing new, but two new reports from Clean Energy Group present new technologies these cities could turn to for protection.

Hawaii Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 plans to develop their own microgrid

The Hawaii Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 has announced plans to get off the grid entirely by developing its own microgrid system.

AWEA: Renewables are not a threat to the reliability of the grid

Rob Gramlich, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, spoke at a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) conference about the Clean Power Plan (CPP) -- and whether wind has a future in the grid.

SRP teams with ASU to test battery storage for PV customers

SRP and Arizona State University (ASU) have partnered to help their customers with solar photovoltaic (PV) system utilizing battery storage technology. SRP is a community-based nonprofit that serves 1 million customers in the Phoenix area.

South African city looks at options for bringing energy to customers for the first time

As the energy industry in the United States and across the world continues to innovate and look to what is next, many countries are just now looking to bring electricity to their customers for the very first time. 

Pecan Street service detects solar PV system issues in near-real-time

The service, Pecan Street Sol, is a "check engine light" for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, providing customers with near-real-time maintenance status and performance information by automatically detecting problems that could significantly reduce the amount of electricity being generated.

San Diego Gas and Electric gets $5M to expand Borrego Springs Microgrid

San Diego Gas and Electric has been awarded nearly $5 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to expand their Borrego Springs Microgrid. The CEC grant will be used to expand the Microgrid facilities to connect it to SDG&E's nearby 26 megawatt (MW) solar facility, making the microgrid one of the largest in the country able to be run on renewable energy.

EPRI enters next phase of Integrated Grid Initiative

By applying insights from science, engineering and economics, EPRI says it can take the grid from one of interconnected parts to one that fully integrates distributed and central energy resources, leading to a level of safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity not seen before.

Poland's wind market is growing

RWE Innogy is working to enhance the wind market in Poland. The company announced that, as of Monday, Feb. 9, it will be erecting 14 additional wind power systems at Nowy Staw near the city of Gdansk. 

Duke Energy teams with REC Solar to invest in commercial solar projects

On Monday, Feb. 9, Duke Energy announced their acquisition of majority interest in REC Solar and a future investment of up to $225 million in commercial solar projects developed by the company.