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Latest Headlines

Solar credits to dip if VT utility rate adjustments approved

Vermont utilities are asking regulators to reduce the solar credit associated with the state's net metering law. Such a request has sparked heated debates and controversy between utilities and the solar industry in other states in the past. But not in Vermont.

Warren Buffett putting his stamp on smart grid technology

There is a good reason Warren Buffett's name seems to be turning up everywhere in the energy sector. When he bought Nevada utility NV Energy last year, he said there would be further energy acquisitions. Already heavily involved in solar and wind power, his Northern Grid Power Holdings Co. is wrapping up a home energy management pilot project with Siemens in the UK.

Researchers find practical way to make biofuels from farm waste

A lot of progress has been made in turning specific types of waste into biofuels but wet and green types of waste, such as some agricultural byproducts, have been a more challenging task. Now, researchers at the University of Guelph have found a practical, economically feasible way to do it.

Westar goes ahead with wind purchase as renewables mandate comes under fire

As Kansas legislators get ready to consider repealing the state's renewable energy mandate next month, Westar Energy is preparing to buy more wind power to comply with it.

UK regulators sign off on subsea transmission link

After substantial haggling over finances, and more possibly to come, British regulator Ofgem has authorized an almost 100-mile subsea high-voltage direct current cable between onshore power conversion facilities and Spittal in Central Caithness. The project will be a substantial upgrade for an old electricity network and will add capacity for bringing renewable energy to the grid.

Wind energy tax credit extended...for now

The U.S. Senate voted to extend the wind energy tax credit this week, but the wind industry is not getting much comfort out of it. The extension is through the end of this year, two weeks. The tax credit was part of a $41.6 billion package of more than 50 tax breaks for individuals, businesses and nonprofits.

$4B to upgrade Nebraska transmission system for exporting wind power

If Nebraska wants to sell wind power out of state, it will cost up to $4 billion in transmission line upgrades to do it. That figure is from an analysis the Nebraska Power Review Board issued earlier this week.

Boeing to get greener

Boeing's 737 manufacturing plant in Renton, Washington will get a little greener when it buys renewable energy credits as a replacement for fossil fuel-generated power.

CT regulators call for distributed generation to slow rising power prices

It has been well-documented that New England residents are seeing higher and higher electric bills as a result of inadequate capacity in the region's natural gas pipelines. To slow those price hikes, Connecticut regulators are pushing for more distributed generation to help meet power needs, in addition to energy-efficiency measures.

SC sets national net metering example

South Carolina is setting a national, and unprecedented, example with an agreement not to seek any solar specific charges until 2021, according to The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), a national group that helped with the negotiations.