Industry Research

Fluctuating prices driving IoT in oil and gas industry

In the digital energy industry, fluctuating oil prices will cause shifts in mergers and push oil companies to embrace IoT to monitor analytics and optimize efficiencies. 

Utah business group promotes more EV charging stations

Wasatch Front, a string of communities and cities tucked against the Wasatch Range in north central Utah, has a problem. A thick haze of pollution layers over the region and the rest of the Salt Lake Valley during the winter months and has raised serious questions regarding air quality and health. Now, an organization of Utah businesses has joined in a broader effort to deal with it.

Smart cities market growth rate forecast to speed up over next few years

As the smart cities initiative has become a global phenomenon, analyst and market research firms are focusing more attention on what the future will bring. A new forecast for the global smart cities market predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5 percent between 2014 and 2019.

Data analytics progress - and curveballs

The topic of data and analytics in utilities exploded onto the scene a few years ago, and, although the topic brought a lot of hype, it is definitely seeing progress now within utility companies. Even with this progress, we still need to be cognizant of curveballs that could drastically change data and analytics plans in the utility industry. 

$8M available for next-gen marine energy tech

Considered a long shot for years, marine energy harvesting technologies like wave and tidal remain in their infancy stages. However, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sees enough promise that it will award a total of $8 million for projects that can improve performance of marine energy technologies.

Smart street lights to reach 40 million in four years

The market for smart street lights, helped along by the increasing popularity of intelligent networking solutions, is set to grow rapidly. ABI research forecasts that the network-friendly LEDs will reach an installed base of 40 million by 2019.

Could wave energy be cheaper, easier to integrate than solar and wind?

Mention the phrase 'alternative energy sources' and wave energy isn't top of mind for most people. There are more than 100 wave energy concepts, but only a handful have become prototypes and been tested. And some of those have failed. A report from a collaboration of academia and private industry, however, says wave energy would not be as intermittent as wind and solar and would be easier to integrate into the electric grid.

Tesla to test drive EV battery swapping

Popular electric car manufacturer Tesla is augmenting its electric vehicle charging station services with an experimental foray into battery swapping. The idea behind the battery swapping trial is much faster than fully charging an electric car.

Microgrid enabling technologies investment to grow rapidly

Microgrids have been attracting attention since the very earliest days of their development and even more so in recent years as the number of possible applications for their use multiplies and takes on global importance. As if to underscore that development, a new market analysis from Navigant Research has found that the demand for the technologies that underlie microgrids will grow quickly.

India continues steady advance toward smart grid

When India released its smart grid roadmap in late 2013, it read like a bewilderingly ambitious regimen. However, the country has been moving ahead with its plans and a just-released report says not only could advanced technologies benefit more of its population, they can provide a major boost to India's economy.