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Latest Headlines

Advocacy group wants more demand response in Texas

A trade organization of demand response (DR) providers and customers is pushing Texas state legislators to require more support for energy savings programs and loosen up technical requirements they say are preventing DR programs from growing.

Ameren MO expects $260M in savings from its new energy-efficiency program

Ameren Missouri has submitted its new energy-efficiency programs to regulators. If approved, the utility expects to invest about $135 million over three years and anticipates that investment will yield customer energy savings of more than $260 million over 20 years.

CT regulators call for distributed generation to slow rising power prices

It has been well-documented that New England residents are seeing higher and higher electric bills as a result of inadequate capacity in the region's natural gas pipelines. To slow those price hikes, Connecticut regulators are pushing for more distributed generation to help meet power needs, in addition to energy-efficiency measures.

HECO using demand response to optimize renewables

Traditionally, when demand for electricity fluctuates, utilities have met that demand with generating units by adjusting the supply of power. The Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) are embarking on a project that will meet daily energy needs through demand response, allowing the utility to adjust to help maintain the balance between supply and demand.

Smart grid tech changing demand response business model

Utilities in the United States have run residential direct load control (DLC) programs as forms of demand management for many years, but the development of smart grid technology-- particularly advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart, two-way communicating thermostats-- is enabling utilities globally to offer residential demand response programs. 

Cloud technology to lift demand management to new heights

Until effective energy storage arrives, could aggregated demand management be the answer to the rising use of intermittent renewables and squeezed reserve margins?

Can plug-in EVs enhance grid reliability? EPRI and others are betting on it

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, EPRI, electric car makers and others are betting smart grid technology can integrate plug-in EVs in a way that supports grid reliability. Click to read about a demo project for a new software system developed by EPRI and others.

Potential of VPPs unreachable without the right rules

Virtual power plants (VPP)--which combine independent resources into a network via sophisticated planning, scheduling, and bidding of DER-based services, bringing distributed generation (DG) and demand response (DR) together to provide a synergistic sharing of grid resources-- are expected to play an increasingly important role in the future of the power sector, according to Navigant Research.

DTE hits major smart meter milestone

More than 1.5 million advanced electric meters have been installed and nearly 500,000 modules have been installed on gas meters across DTE Energy's territory so far. By the end of 2017, nearly 3.9 million electric and gas meters will have been converted, allowing all DTE Energy customers to better manage their energy usage and bills, and enjoy other benefits from the technology.

A quick scan of smart grid and related markets

The energy industry environment changes constantly and while market forecasts aren’t written in stone, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what the analysts envision for the future. Click to read about predictions for programmable DC power supplies, demand response, energy storage and other markets.