Wind turbines withstand Superstorm Sandy


Despite all the chaos left in Superstorm Sandy's wake, there was one area of the energy-generating network that suffered little to no damage, according to the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA).

Credit: GE Energy

The DWEA says its members across all impacted areas from North Carolina to New York have shared numerous accounts of distributed wind systems like wind turbines withstanding the storm.

Wind speed data from the National Hurricane Center indicates that wind turbines engineered to withstand 120 mile per hour winds should easily weather storms the magnitude of Sandy.

Just one example in the U.S. is the five 10 kW turbines located at Bergey Windpower Company in North Carolina. Even wind turbines in Cuba survived Sandy's wrath, including wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.

"The survival of the Cuban wind farms is a strong sign, like the Japanese wind farm last year which was hit by the earthquake and a huge tsunami wave without being damaged," noted Stefan Gsänger, secretary general of the Worldwide Wind Energy Association. "All this happened while nuclear and fossil power stations have not been able to provide electricity anymore."

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