Why your technical staff needs to pay attention to the SGIP meeting happening now



Quick Take:   On Monday, May 5, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) kicked off its first stand-alone Members Meeting since it became an independent organization in 2013. At the Denver, CO meeting, SGIP will discuss priority topics and deliverables that will shape an interoperable smart grid.


Although the meeting is for members only, the industry should pay attention to the outcomes, since they will touch almost every part of the smart grid ecosystem. Hot topics for this year’s meeting include distributed renewable generation and storage, microgrids, transmission and distribution sensors, cybersecurity, data privacy and grid interconnections to buildings, industrial operations, homes and vehicles.


Have your tech staff skim this preview for an advance warning of areas that may soon see new standards and new approaches for achieving an interoperable grid. - Jesse Berst


Outcomes for an Interoperable Grid: A preview of the smart grid Interoperability Panel’s

Members Meeting


Here’s what to watch for:


The plenary session will feature two external speakers that will give members a fresh perspective on the landscape of smart grid interoperability and the trends and events that will have the biggest impact over the next few years. Drew Bolin, chief of research and emerging issues, Colorado Public Utilities Commission, will kick off the events and welcome members to Colorado, and Philip J. Weiser, Dean, University of Colorado Law School, will deliver the opening keynote, "Opportunities and Challenges for the Smart Grid.”


These sessions will set the stage for the broader business and regulatory trends that directly affect and are affected by the ability of the smart grid to become interoperable. When asked for his view of the future smart grid, Phil Weiser said: "There are significant opportunities to leverage open networks and the ‘apps economy’ of the 21st century. The electric power industry, in particular, has a significant opportunity to focus on the smart grid as a way to connect to the ‘apps economy’ to drive innovation similar to what the telecom industry has done with its platforms.”


SGIP will also highlight several implementation projects, case studies and white paper topics in development during more than 20 member group meetings meant to address interoperability issues affecting deployment of devices and systems. Outcomes will focus on a more reliable and resilient smart grid.


Ralph Mackiewicz, SGIP member and vice president of business development, Sisco, explains the appeal of the meeting: "I am attending in order to affirm existing relationships and establish new relationships with industry leaders, while learning about the larger scope of work in which SGIP is engaged outside of the limited activities in which I am able to regularly engage.”