Why the WWF's big renewables push is a problem for utilities


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: The World Wildlife Fund has just embarked on a major new campaign to promote renewable energy. Lots of organizations support renewables, of course, but WWF is one of the world's best-funded, most effective non-profits. As you will read in the release below, the group is calling on people and organizations to sign a pledge.


Given WWF's clout, many organizations will agree. And that's going to further pressure governments to create renewable mandates (or more aggressively enforce the ones they have already). And when they do that, they may authorize funding or tax breaks or other incentives for renewable power. But they are unlikely to help with the costs of integrating those renewables into the grid.


And that puts the pain of renewables squarely on utilities, who are often expected to magically come up with millions or even billions to connect and transmit renewables - but without raising rates.


This is another example where utilities have to get ahead of the conversation. Knowing that a new push for renewables is on the way, utilities need to work with environmentalists and advocacy groups to make sure they are also pushing for the grid upgrades that will be needed. - By Jesse Berst


World Wildlife Fund calls for major investment in clean and renewable energy with launch of new global campaign


With a global call to action urging governments and financial institutions worldwide to increase investment in renewable energy by at least US$40 billion over the next 12 months, WWF today launched its new international campaign under the slogan Seize Your Power.


"We are running out of time. We know that if we continue to rely on fossil fuels we will face a future of worsening air pollution and an increasingly inhospitable climate. It is now our collective responsibility to commit to the future we want. We call on political and financial decision-makers to seize their power to make the switch to clean and sustainable renewable energy and end the inertia of coal, oil and gas,” said Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International.


The launch of the WWF Seize Your Power campaign on World Environment Day witnessed a sweep of local and global, online public actions to signal the start of the campaign. The action centered on signing a pledge that enables supporters to call for increased investments in renewable energy and the phasing out of investments in coal, oil and gas.