The why, when and how of full-circle customer engagement


By Jesse Berst


The electric power industry has entered a new phase of customer engagement. No longer is it sufficient to put a Band-Aid on existing approaches. Instead, utilities need to step back and completely rethink their strategies from start to finish.


"In most utilities, the relationship between the utility and the customer has been largely transactional," explained Pike Research analyst and blogger Carol Stimmel in September 2012. "However... asking the customer to interact in the way that’s easiest... for the utility is no longer a viable strategy... Instead, helping consumers achieve benefits efficiently and effectively is at the heart of consumer empowerment and utilities’ success going forward."


Sounds good in theory - but what does it mean in practice? That's the question I'm asking myself as I prepare for an upcoming webinar about the why, when and how of full-circle customer engagement on Wednesday, Jan. 16. (Click the link for details or to register.)

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