Why Wall Street may soon shun utility stocks


By: SGN Staff

By Jesse Berst


If you are a regular reader, then you may be tired of me warning that utility business models are in trouble. I started years ago. And just a few weeks ago I alerted you once again to the very real dangers of net metering (if you visit this article, be sure to read the comments at the bottom, where several industry experts argue both sides of the question).


But now we're hearing a similar litany from the people who advise Wall Street. The bad news: utility stocks may take a beating as the news gets out. The good news: falling stock prices may be just the wakeup call utility executives need to get off the fence.


Peter Kelly-Detwiler was previously Senior VP of Energy Technology Services for Constellation NewEnergy. Today he is a founding partner at NorthBridge Energy Partners. Both positions afforded him a wide view of industry trends. He's a true insider.