Why NERC will attack the grid November 13 (and what it could mean for utilities)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take:More and more people are jumping on the smart grid cybersecurity bandwagon. And many of them are jumping on for the purpose of complaining that utilities aren't doing enough, as in the example below.- By Jesse Berst


The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) is about to launch a simulated attack on the U.S. power grid. The drill will begin with a series of simulated attacks, both physical and cyber. Scheduled to last 36 hours, the "war games" will climax with a simulated national emergency.


The participants include 65 utilities and eight regional transmission organizations. They will respond and interact just as they would in a real emergency. After the drill, NERC's Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC) will evaluate and critique the results. The working group will then analyze the results and prepare a report.


As explained in a post at the Environmental Defense Fund, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, believes we are already at war -- a so-called "soft war" that has the power grid under constant cyberattack.