What you can learn from Israel's smart grid plan



The Israeli Smart Energy Association( ISEA ) has prepared a Roadmap for Smart Grid Implementation in Israel that merits study by utilities anywhere in the world. The report, which was prepared without government funding, includes in-depth analysis and recommendations on various issues including:

·      Technology

·      Policy and regulation

·      Marketing

·      Detailed cost - benefit analysis


Click the link above to download the executive summary. We recommend the document because ISEA studied smart grid implementations around the world to glean lessons. They have captured many best practices. Equally important, they have noted mistakes made along the way. For instance, here is a brief excerpt on customer engagement that illustrates how carefully they have studied previous deployments:


In a smart grid environment, customers play a critical role in energy reduction, as they become more proactive in energy management. This calls for engagement between the utility and customers.


Smart grid offers a paradigm shift for a new model of customer communications. A model that moves from providing information only to providing education, and then to engagement.


Customers have a significant role to play in the new service delivery ecosystem. If customers do not engage with new tools and reduce energy use, the business case for smart grid is dissolved.


Israel has to implement the best practices that have helped utilities around the globe gather success:


·      Understand Stakeholder Engagement Internally - Customer advocacy groups, Strategic collaboration initiatives

·      Educate in Phases- Breaking down the elements of information and planning communications in phases as the deployment phases evolve

·      Understand the Customer - Market research plays a critical role in communications program design

·      Test the Messaging - Testing on different customer segments will result in more targeted and effective communications plan. People are different. Segments are different. Regions are different.

·      Monitor - Track response, Prepare to alter the plan and have contingencies