What keeps you up at night? 8 new solutions for grid worries



Are you worried about smart meter tampering? Whether you can afford a new SCADA system? How about the challenges of monitoring and managing disparate energy assets? Scroll down and onto page 2 for a look at new solutions to these worries plus a few others that may be nagging at you. As a bonus, we've got a little Serenity for you too.


Meter tamper protection

Freescale Semiconductor released a new micro-electromechanical system accelerometer featuring ultra-low power consumption and a simple plug-and-play approach to tilt threshold detection for use in physical tamper protection for smart meter applications. It detects movement on the meter through the change in tilt angle and communicates it to the utility company as a tampering event. Learn more >>


Hosted SCADA for smaller utilities

Survalent Technology released a hosted SCADA solution called i-Surv which the company says is an affordable fit for small to midsize utilities that do not have the technical resources to own and operate the traditional SCADA System. By outsourcing the maintenance, operation and management of these complex systems, Survalent says utilities can reap the benefits of a world-class infrastructure with less investment and manpower. Learn more >>

Meeting energy efficiency goals

Honeywell is enhancing the home energy assessment programs the company designs and manages for utilities with new software that the company says will help drive additional savings for homeowners, and make it easier and more cost effective for utilities to meet their efficiency goals. The Honeywell Residential Energy Assessment Tool will support a range of programs, from basic walk-through assessments to diagnostics-driven home performance reviews. "This approach turns the technician into a consultant who can help customers make educated energy and home-improvement decisions," explained Jeremy Eaton, VP and general manager of Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions. The end result is improved satisfaction and more savings for the utility.” Learn more >>


Getting consistent power quality

IUS Technologies, a newly launched Alpharetta, Georgia subsidiary of Vitzro Group out of Seoul, Korea, says it is bringing a "foreign concept" to the U.S. market - consistent power quality. The company says it plans to revolutionize the American utility market by delivering highly efficient and accurate distribution automation technology. It says its Born Smart VS series of remote voltage sensors allow power companies to monitor voltage at the end of the line or edge of the grid, with a 0.3% accuracy. "This enhanced level of accuracy and reliability will enable the VS series to revolutionize the way utilities respond to consumer outages in the future - by pinpointing problem areas, response times will be far quicker," says Scott Zajkowski, a member of the North American executive team.  Learn more >>



Home automation pretties up

Artefact is offering Serenity, what is arguably the world's most beautiful thermometer - a smart operating system for the home that displays as colorful graphic. The company describes Serenity as "a cohesive system of devices that not only provides consumptive awareness, but also allows the user to toggle through a range of home controls and automation." Learn more >>


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