Is this what it will take to finally grow the smart water meter market?



Quick Take:  As you will read in the release below, a new report from Statplan Energy confirms what we already knew - the market for smart water meters is growing gradually, but not at the pace one would expect.


But there is at least one new concept. StatPlan Director Euan Blauvelt believes the market could take off if it focused less on residential smart meters and more on commercial smart meters, especially those for irrigation. Interesting idea. In some parts of the world, city governments spend 20 to 40% of their water budget on irrigation. Not to mention the cost of the electricity to pump it around.


Maybe irrigation is the Trojan horse that would get more water utilities started down the "smart" path. - Jesse Berst


Global Installed Base of 827 Million Water Meters Also Presents Opportunities for Non-Smart Replacement Market


A new report "Water Meters: Global Market and Forecast 2013-2018" from energy and utility industry specialists StatPlan Energy highlights strong prospects for smart water meters to 2018.


StatPlan Energy estimates the 2014 global water meter market will be worth $2.62 billion. By 2018 it will have increased by 13.2% to just over $3 billion. Smart meters will gradually take share of the total market by value, increasing from 13% to 18% over that time and by 2018 the installed base of smart water meters will be between 120 and 130 million.