What Europe has learned about smart grids (from 371 projects)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take:The U.S. has its Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse. And the European Commission has its Joint Research Centre (JRC) group on Smart Electricity Systems and Interoperability. Now JRC has published an updated inventory of all 281 projects (plus about 90 smart metering pilots and rollouts)  currently underway. Actually, it's more than an inventory - it also details lessons learned. Skim the summary below to decide if you want to download a copy of the full report. And watch this space - the EC is promising to release smart grid benchmarks by the end of the year. - By Jesse Berst


"Smart Grid projects in Europe: Lessons learned and current developments" is most current and comprehensive inventory of smart grid and smart metering projects in Europe. It includes 281 smart grid projects and 90 smart metering projects.


Full rules were used to choose projects for inclusion:

·         Smart grid (new technologies) projects were included

·         New generation projects were included if grid integration was involved

·         Projects using only conventional approaches were excluded

·         Projects lacking sufficient information were excluded


Since information was shared on a voluntary basis without any audit, the report may have a bias towards positive results. In addition, the report lacks a common framework for data sharing and analysis. You can track data on the JRC smart grid website and on the smart-grid project portal developed by the JRC and the European electricity industry association (EURELECTRIC).


The size of projects has been growing steadily. In 2006, the percentage of projects with budgets more than €20 million stood at 27%. By 2012 that percentage had jumped to 61%. Of the total budgets, 55% came from public sources and the remaining 45% from private capital.


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