What does it take to please these people? BC Hydro sued


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: I can't help wondering. If BC Hydro hadn't waited so long to adopt an opt-out program, would it still have faced the lawsuit described below? Perhaps it's unfair to use 20/20 hindsight to criticize, but I can't help feeling the British Columbia utility could have headed this problem off at the pass had it been more proactive.

- By Jesse Berst


Just days after BC Hydro finally agreed to an opt-out program for smart meters, a customer is suing the utility for installing a smart meter last year even though she didn't want one on her property. In addition, she is attempting to raise her individual suit against BC Hydro to class-action status, according to the Vancouver Sun.


The suit claims the installations caused the plaintiff "emotional distress,” because it "interfered with the quiet enjoyment of her property,” which she used to host yoga and meditation retreats. Opponents of smart meters believe the devices’ radio waves have health risks. The lawsuit further alleges that BC Hydro unlawfully leveraged its monopoly powers by imposing a smart meter on the plaintiff.


Both the British Columbia Utilities Commission and the British Columbia Court of Appeal have denied previous efforts to block installation. BC Hydro has said it has no plans to stop its program. The utility says that smart meters only broadcast several times a day, and that living next to a smart meter for 20 years would expose a resident to the same level of radiation as a 30-minute cell phone call.


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