This week's smart grid wins: far-flung and wide-ranging


By Liz Enbysk

SGN Managing Editor


This week's list of smart grid wins is all over the map - from the Philippines to Finland and back again. It's all over the smart grid technology map too - a pilot on advanced Privacy Enhancing Technologies for smart metering, a visualization system for a California smart grid demo and a big order for next-gen substation automation, to name a few. Scroll down and click to page 2 for highlights on all 11 of this week's featured wins.




·         SAIC has won a 10-year contract with United Power for a 10,000 meter pilot project of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions and implementation of SAIC’s Smart Grid as a Service (SGS) offering. United Power is a rural electric cooperative serving nearly 70,000 homes and businesses in Colorado. "SAIC’s SGS provides a comprehensive, affordable and integrated one-stop resource for United Power, and enables our organization to better manage the risks associated with implementation of this advanced technology,” noted United Power CEO Ron Asche. Read more >>


·         Elster and the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) will collaborate with Dutch energy network provider Alliander to provide a proof-of-concept pilot project to demonstrate advanced Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) for smart metering networks. Elster will supply an end-to-end, market-ready solution for the PET pilot. Goal of the initiative is to validate the applicability of PETs for smart metering and smart grid and to determine to what extent the new technology is beneficial to Alliander and other grid companies and what needs to be adapted to maximize its benefit. Read more >>


·         Space-Time Insight was tapped by Southern California Edison for its geospatial and visual analytics software, which will provide a centralized view of multiple technologies, assets and services deployed within the utility's state-of-the-art Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration (ISGD) project. "In line with our mission to provide reliable service to our customers, our aim with ISGD is to apply a variety of cutting-edge smart grid technologies that are modernizing how energy is generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed,” said Doug Kim, Director Advanced Technology with SCE. "With so many integrated technologies we need a visualization and analysis system capable of giving us insight into what’s working, what’s not and how we can continuously improve the interconnectivity and interoperability of all the systems involved in the project.” Read more >>


·         Opower and Pepco have launched a customer engagement program for residential customers in Maryland. Funded by EmPower Maryland, the program is designed to help Pepco customers better assess their energy consumption and explore ways to reduce their energy use and monthly energy bills. It will begin with a trial involving 50,000 randomly selected residential customers who will receive Home Energy Reports that anonymously compare their household energy usage with nearby homes of similar size and makeup. Read more >>


·         Utilidata announced an R&D agreement with AEP designed to accelerate the application of digital control technologies to high value smart grid solutions. Utilidata, which has already deployed its existing AdaptiVolt voltage optimization products in a number of AEP territories, will collaborate with AEP leaders on product development work being done at Utilidata’s newly commissioned smart grid simulation and research center in Providence, RI. Read more >>


·         Alcatel-Lucent will provide Germany’s desaNet with an advanced data network designed to meet present and future communications needs of energy providers and businesses. According to Alcatel-Lucent, the systemwill provide support for features such as teleprotection and SCADA systems. "This is a modern and seminal approach that meets all our business customers’ current and future communications needs - as well as those of energy providers such as ENSO, with the ability to support future ‘smart grid’ applications," noted Hans-Dietmar Beyer, Managing Director of desaNet, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of German regional electricity provider ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost. Read more >>


·         Elster announced that Whitehall Electric Utility selected its EnergyAxis system for its hosted AMI deployment. Whitehall, which serves both electricity and water consumers, is the first of WPPI Energy’s member utilities to enroll in the hosted AMI service offered by WPPI Energy. WPPI is a regional power company with 51 consumer-owned utility members serving more than 195,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Iowa. Read more >>


·         Hughes Europe has won a contract to supply high availability satellite connectivity services as part of a 10-year smart grid project for Finnish energy giant Elenia. The company says the communication network will enable Elenia to remotely monitor more than a thousand unmanned energy substations and other sites throughout Finland for the purposes of electric distribution remote management, including both security and maintenance. Read more >>




·         Hill International received a 2012 Federal Energy and Water Management Award from the Department of Energy and the Federal Interagency Task Force for managing construction of the NASA Langley Research Center Headquarters Building in Hampton, Virginia. The award recognizes contributions in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation and the use of advanced and renewable energy technologies at federal facilities. Read more >>


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