Utility-funded research foundation created


A utility-funded research foundation has been created in order to fund unbiased research of centralized and regulated electricity markets providing affordable and reliable supplies of power as well as meeting clean energy, transmission and environmental needs.

The Electric Markets Research Foundation (EMFR), also funded in part by other foundations and contributions from individuals and interested industry stakeholders, will not initially conduct its own research. Instead, it will fund academic and subject-area experts to provide independent research.

"There is a dearth of research available on this market-versus-regulation debate and little analysis has been conducted on this 50-state experiment," said EMFR President Bruce S. Edelston.  "The Electric Markets Research Foundation intends to address this by supporting research by academics and industry experts on major electric market issues, including customer rates, reliability and service."

The foundation's research will evaluate how the centralized and regulated electricity markets are addressing policy issues important to consumers and critical to the economy, including capacity markets and building new generation; transmission build-out; the risk-reward relationships among customers, utilities and power suppliers; regulatory jurisdictional issues; and renewable energy production, use and integration, both centralized and distributed.

The foundation will be governed by an independent board of directors. 

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