Utilities: Here's where important new EV standards will come from


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: Utilities that try to go it alone on electric vehicle integration are likely to spend a whole bunch of money to strand themselves with dead-end technology. It is essential to follow open standards - not just for trivial matters like plug sockets, but also for all the other hardware and software aspects of EVs and smart charging.


Happily, we now have a new facility dedicated to that work. And dedicated to harmonizing U.S. standards with those from Europe. As you will read, this new center was conceived to bridge the needs of EV manufacturers and utilities. You'll want to get on their mailing list to hear about new standards as they emerge. And you may want to contract with the lab for design and testing. - By Jesse Berst


E-vehicles and smart grids: First EU-US Interoperability Centre inaugurated


The first of the twin centers designed to promote common standards in electric mobility and smart grids on both sides of the Atlantic was today inaugurated near Chicago. Converging standards and interoperability between smart grids and electric vehicles will allow for deeper penetration of renewable energies in the electricity systems, thus facilitating the way to a low-carbon economy. Technology harmonization will drive product and service innovation in the two world's largest economies and could prove instrumental in establishing global standards for electric mobility.


The launch of the Interoperability Center for electric vehicles and smart grids is the fruit of 18 months of dedicated work following the Letter of Intent (LoI) for closer cooperation, signed in 2011. The new center is hosted at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. Additional centers will be opened in the EU in 2014.