Utilities: Here's a proven consumer engagement tool you can tap into



Quick Take:  The research agrees - the more consumers understand about electric power the more they appreciate the role of utilities. And the more they favor grid modernization. And the more they are willing to enroll in utility programs.


So how do you improve the energy literacy of your customers? You could create a vast library of educational resources on your own, I suppose. Or you could just link to Power Over Energy, an energy literacy program managed by Silver Spring Networks and backed by a powerful coalition. Take a look using the links below. You'll like what you see. - Jesse Berst


Power Over Energy, founded and managed by Silver Spring Networks, is an energy literacy social media campaign focused on educating, empowering, and motivating consumers to make smarter decisions about how we all use electricity. 


Backed by a diverse coalition including the US Department of Energy; Edison Foundation’s Institute of Innovation, Electricity, Efficiency; Environmental Defence Fund; Clean Coalition; Global Green; GridWise Alliance; Silicon Valley Leadership Group; Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative and Sustainable Silicon Valley, the pilot phase was launched in early 2013 to test consumer interest in learning more about energy. 


Power over Energy offers content focused in the areas of generation, consumption, transmission, impact and conservation, with online ads, social media and interactive tools to help consumers understand more about how energy is produced and the impact of consumer energy choices have on the environment. 


Since February 2013, the results indicate strong consumer interest in learning more about energy with over 142,000 Facebook likes, a global reach of over 62 million consumers and a high engagement rate. To join the conversation and for more information, visit:  





Jesse Berst is the founder and Chief Analyst of SGN and Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition.


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