Utilities! Get off your backsides and start building smart water networks



Quick Take:  In recognition of World Water Day, technology company Sensus issued the release below urging utilities around the world to implement smart water networks.


I'm reproducing it here as an excuse to agree with them. Smart water networks have evolved to the point where they can reliably produce the benefits described below, and very reasonable payback periods. It mystifies me why so many jurisdictions are contemplating extreme measures - water rationing, desalinization plants, building canals hundreds of miles long - when they could use a smart water network to reclaim the 20% to 40% of water that is typically lost to leaks and theft.


My friends in the industry say that ratepayers are not up in arms because they all pay just a tiny bit more on their bill for that lost water. There's just no urgency on the part of most ratepayers, regulators and utilities.


Yet in many parts of the world there IS an urgent reason to take action - namely, declining water tables and shrinking rivers. That's why I want to see utilities everywhere get off their backsides and create a roadmap to a smart water network. Sensus says it much more politely below. - Jesse Berst


World Water Day 2014: Sensus Smart Water Networks Help Conserve Water and Energy

Sensus shines light on the water-energy nexus and the importance of conservation efforts


RALEIGH, N.C. (March 20, 2014) ... Sensus, a leading provider of clean technology solutions, recognizes World Water Day and the importance of clean technology to conserve water and energy. Billions of gallons of water are leaked each day, and energy is required to clean and transport that water. When water is wasted, so is energy. This interrelationship between water consumption and energy use, better known as the water-energy nexus, is a major factor in water conservation and also the theme for World Water Day 2014. 


Sensus is committed to providing clean technology solutions that help utilities and their customers use water and energy more efficiently, helping to reduce carbon emissions and conserve water and energy for future generations.

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