Utilities: Borrow from this "civilized" approach to distributed generation



Quick Take:  The United States is so partisan these days. When people encounter a problem, they don't look for common ground, they hunker down in armed camps and take potshots (at each other, not at the problem).


That's why I wanted to remind you of an attempt to create a consensus around distributed generation (DG). Rooftop solar is one form of DG, of course, and one that generates enormous disagreements. But other forms of DG have plenty of contention as well.


A little while back, the Critical Consumer Issues Forum (CCIF) issued a new report on what it calls a "consumer-focused principles for distributed generation." Launched in 2010, CCIF pulls together state commissioners, consumer advocates, and electric power companies for the purpose of "developing mutually agreeable solutions to energy challenges."


I've put a brief description below, but you'll want to review the entire CCIF report. You may or may not want to borrow any of its 34 principles. But at the least I hope you'll borrow its civilized approach to developing them. - Jesse Berst


"DG: A Balanced Path Forward: Providing Customer Choice While Ensuring Reliability” updates a set of consensus principles on DG that builds upon a previous 2013 report. It was designed to inform and equip policymakers, regulators, consumer advocates, utilities, and other stakeholders for the safe and fair integration of distributed technologies. CCIF is a collaborative that includes members of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA), and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI).

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