U.S. not among high-growth solar markets


According to Lux Research, China and India are the most promising high-growth markets for solar, while Japan, U.K., France and South Korea are also becoming attractive markets.

Lux Research analyzed the risk vs. reward, based on policy and market factors, for both distributed and utility-scale solar in countries around the world. Among their findings:

In Europe, established markets remain bountiful for distributed generation despite downturns in demand and reduced feed-in tariffs. Germany and Italy have demonstrated a strong preference for rooftop systems and have strong existing channels to market.

High-growth markets come with high risks as well, but emerging economies of India, China, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia are set to become solar powers. Utility-scale solar generation will soar in these emerging markets. Competition is booming in the last three in particular, and each will exceed installation targets.

In solar, firms that take calculated risks and expand quickly into foreign markets will boost success, as First Solar and many Chinese module manufacturers have shown. As the Chinese industry consolidates, opportunities exist for other global players.

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