U.S. misses Top 50 in Global Energy Architecture rankings


High-income countries are leading the way to a new energy architecture but still have work to do on environmental sustainability, according to research from Accenture and the World Economic Forum.

The research reveals that high-income countries have proven best at managing the transition to a new energy architecture based on strong energy policy coupled with multiple energy resources that delivers inexpensive, plentiful and relatively clean power, and generated large national revenues.

Norway ranks first in the research along with New Zealand and Colombia who are in the top 10. The rest of the top 10 are made up of European countries. The U.S. doesn't make the top 50. It ranks 55th on the list.

Many developing countries still struggle to supply citizens with basic energy needs, with 12 percent of the sample providing electricity to less than 50 percent of their total populations.

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