A UK perspective on smarter revenue opportunities


By: SGN Staff


By John Peters


With change comes opportunity and risk: and the smart meter program scheduled to start full-scale rollout in 2015 stands out as one of the largest changes in recent times in the utilities sector.


Already a hugely competitive market, energy supply is set to become more so as incumbent suppliers and market entrants develop new ways of offering services to end customers.


There will be opportunities to drive revenue growth across the smart metering landscape - from the immediate challenge of delivering the rollout programs to developing new tariffs, more accurate settlement processes, demand-side management and smarter homes.


With smart meters, data about energy consumption within the home will be available on a smart metering Home Area Network (HAN) and subject to customer permission, available to devices and services provided by third parties.


By combining demand management and precise metering, suppliers or other service providers will be able to develop new and innovative charging models such as ‘lifestyle’ energy services wherein the supplier manages a portion of the home’s energy consumption remotely: a customer could say: "Maintain my home at 17 degrees C in the evenings.” The provider would then use the access provided via the HAN to manage heating within the home to achieve the target temperature and bill the customer accordingly.

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