TXU Energy offers customers iPhone app


TXU Energy's iPhone app offers customers real world insights to help them track electricity usage and costs to reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, monthly bills.

According to the State of Texas' Electric Choice Education Program, research shows that, when provided the right information in a timely manner, consumers are inclined to take action and modify their electricity consumption.

The app provides users with smart meters a snapshot of their electricity consumption and costs in each billing cycle and an estimate of their upcoming monthly bill, based on actual usage. In addition, the app allows users to pay bills, choose payment options, and compare the details of recent bills. The information is available to customers automatically when they access the app.

These same features and more are also available to TXU Energy customers online via the TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard. Like the app, the online dashboard is automatically provided to customers when they access their accounts. It reports historical electricity usage and cost and allows them to compare elements of two bills, including the number of days, billing cycle, total current charges, billed usage and outdoor temperature. For customers with smart meters, the online tool also provides forecasted electricity usage and cost and expands reporting to include graphs showing electricity usage, costs, and outdoor temperatures by year, month, week and day.

"At TXU Energy, we continue to innovate through technology and wireless solutions that give our customers more information than ever about how much electricity they use at home--and what it costs them month to month--so they can take control of their consumption," said Jennifer Pulliam, Director of Innovation, TXU Energy. "Our new app features also deliver the convenience that today's always-on, on-the-go consumers expect from retailers in any space--especially ours."

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