TX grid could get immediate relief with DLO service


A collaboration between AT&T and Acclaim Energy Advisors will provide customers with a way to reduce utility costs while protecting sensitive equipment from power surges and helping restore reliability to the power grid.

Powered by AT&T, the Acclaim Energy Dynamic Load Optimization (DLO365) will utilize smart grid technology to provide intelligent power metering and control systems that enable remote monitoring and switching of loads from the grid to standby generators within seconds, according to the companies. DLO365 can automatically reduce energy loads as small as 100 kW across many customer sites when cued by a grid operator or demand response program manager.

Although grid challenges exist nationwide, the technology will first be rolled out in Texas due the critical state of its electric grid. At this time, the Electric Reliability Company of Texas (ERCOT) is considering tripling electric rates in order to avoid outages this summer.

Alex Mills, President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, believes that the technology can have an immediate, positive impact on the impending power issue.

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