Turn smartphones into field inspection devices


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: A comprehensive new field solution from Schneider Electric has the potential to decrease costs while increasing the productivity of field workers. The idea is to use familiar laptops and smartphones as data acquisition tools. Utilities can save money by amortizing the cost of the devices over several different uses. And users can be productive more quickly because they are using familiar gear. Meanwhile, the data crunching and storage happens up in the cloud.


Although the solution currently supports Windows laptops and Windows and Apple phones, we trust it will expand to the Android platform as well. - By Jesse Berst


Orbit, a mobile platform, aids utilities and telecommunications companies in securely collecting real-time data


Utilities and telecommunications companies alike are in need of a tool that can securely gather data that’s collected in the field and configured into comprehensible real-time information. Whether it’s for outage restoration, tree trimming or infrastructure inspections, collecting field data has posed a problem for many companies as data transfers over unsecure servers are risky and mobile devices are costly. This has resulted in an inability for utilities to capture a field accessible, holistic view of their electrical networksâ€"until now.


Orbit, a new mobile platform from Schneider Electric, uses cloud technology to allow for seamless integration of field inspection data and assets, eliminating the delay and cost of data conversion. Orbit unifies the processes needed to collect and transfer data, reducing expenses and increasing productivity by eliminating the need to purchase numerous applications required for collecting various data in the field.