Tried this? A revolving fund for energy efficiency projects


By: SGN Staff


Oregon’s Portland State University, a downtown campus, has a lot of old buildings and it’s looking at a sizeable variety of maintenance needs and upgrades. Its solution? A $500,000 Green Revolving Fund designed to cut electric bills and greenhouse gas emissions as well as meet the goals of the school’s Climate Action Plan.


PSU staff and faculty will choose projects to improve the buildings and lower their environmental impact. The requirement is that those projects yield real savings in utility bills, enough to repay the cost of the project within 10 years. The savings will go back to the Green Revolving Fund to cover the costs of future projects.


Possible projects include lighting upgrades, motion sensing controls installation, installing more efficient equipment and water efficiency upgrades.


PSU’s Climate Action Plan mandates carbon neutrality by 2040. Almost 40% of campus carbon emissions are generated from the natural gas and electricity used to run its buildings.

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