Tres Amigas update (it's not good news for America's most important transmission project)


Quick Take: The Tres Amigas Superstation in eastern New Mexico is arguably the most important transmission project in the United States. It is promoted as a national gateway to allow electricity to flow freely back-and-forth between West and East. The additional capacity would make it possible to build large wind and solar farms in the region with confidence the power could be shipped to other states. Now new roadblocks have arisen that throw its future in doubt. And that's a bad thing, for renewables developers, for the region and for the country. - Jesse Berst


The Tres Amigas interconnection had been scheduled to break ground this fall. But now, according to the Albuquerque Journal, financing and legal hurdles stand in the way.


To date, the developers have raised $25 million against the $500 million cost of the first phase. Negotiations for the additional funds are going well, but Tres Amigas needs Public Service Company of New Mexico and the eastern grid’s Southern Power Pool to sign agreements to interconnect with their transmission lines before closing the financing.

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