Top SGN stories of the year: What you were reading in 2013



By Doug Peeples



2013 was a very good year for smart grid in some ways, and a very bumpy ride in others. There were accomplishments, advances in important smart grid technologies, successfully completed projects, impressive growth in emerging markets and what seemed to be a slight uptick in awareness and acceptance of smart grid and its benefits among consumers.


On the other hand, utilities found their traditional business model increasingly threatened by new developments. They were hammered for not doing enough to ensure cyber and physical security. And don’t forget the repeated predictions and pronouncements that the electric grid is dying or already dead.


But taken from a different perspective, all of those problems and challenges also gave utilities a wake up call. While many of the stories we reported on in 2013 were highly critical of utilities and how they were going about their business. And many dwelled less on what was wrong and more on how to fix it, how to meet the challenges, and what should be done to ensure utilities’ sustainability in a future that will be very different from today’s business environment.


With all that in mind, we review the year that was. These are the top stories Smart Grid News reported on in 2013, the stories that attracted the most readers among the hundreds we published. We hope it’s an interesting - and instructive - look back.


·         Utilities: What Walmart's power plans say about your future (it's scary!)


·         The Big 6: How ABB stacks up against the other giants in the smart grid race


·         Why NERC will attack the grid November 13 (and what it could mean for utilities)


·         Warning! Wireless networks are energy monsters


·         Energy theft: From bad to worse (and what some utilities are doing about it)


·         Businessweek declares death of the grid


·         Obama wants to elevate linemen to first responder status


·         Here's exactly how a cyberattack will bring down your utility


·         The demand response "Catch-22" (and how to fix it)


·         The microgrid primer every power engineer should study

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