Tomorrow's workforce: High school program "lights up" utilities' future


Brynn Downing


A recent article in Smart Grid News, Youngster to utilities: Here’s a better way to build a grid, reminds us that the energy industry faces both a graying workforce and a  younger future worker who associates energy with climbing poles and flipping switches.


In order to solve one part of the pipeline problem, Northeast Utilities, a large regional utility, partnered with the Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), a coalition of energy companies and organizations who design and deliver industry-built online education and training, to offer the Light Up Your Future (LUYF) program at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology, a public high school in Hartford, Connecticut.


One of the program’s graduates is Brian Viloria, who started the program just before his junior year. Brian thought the experience "was going to be really boring, just sitting at a desk doing paper work all day.” He wasn’t exactly right about that.


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