Texas woman pulls a gun to stop smart meter installation


A Harris County, Texas woman pulled out a handgun to prevent a utility worker from installing a smart meter on the side of her house where she had posted warning signs. He reportedly saw the gun and backed away.

"Our constitution allows us not to have that kind of intrusion on our personal privacy," 55-year-old Thelma Taormina told "They’ll be able to tell if you are running your computer, air conditioner, whatever it is."

CenterPoint Energy has already installed nearly two million smart meters in the Harris County area, but has no opt-out provision. The TV report notes that the Texas Public Utility Commission is considering allowing people to have smart meters removed.

Meanwhile, the utility is firing back at their gun-brandishing customer.

"We are deeply troubled by anyone who would pull a gun on another person performing their job," a CenterPoint spokesperson told the station. "CenterPoint will be taking additional steps - including court actions - because what happened is dangerous, illegal and unwarranted."

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