Survey: More energy production is fine (but not at the expense of clean water)


By: SGN Staff


A December 2012 poll of 809 Americans on a broad range of energy issues showed a very strong sentiment that increased domestic energy production should not be allowed to jeopardize the country's clean water supplies.


The survey, conducted for the nonprofit Civil Society Institute and the Environmental Working Group by ORC International and released Thursday, essentially said respondents are "not opposed" to more domestic energy production, but not at the expense of clean water, more energy efficiency and expanded wind and solar power.


A few nuggets from the survey:

·         94% of respondents (a roughly equal mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents) said they want political leadership to balance calls for more energy production with protections for clean water and air.

·         91% said it is important that their representatives in Congress show leadership on a "national agenda for clean energy and protecting America's water and air."

·         92% said U.S. energy planning and decisions should be based on "a comprehensive understanding of what our national water resources are" - a national roadmap the organizations said was requested by Congress, but never delivered.

·         86% said they want leadership on moving from coal and nuclear energy to wind and solar (72% of Republicans, 83% of Independents and 97% of Democrats).


"This survey should be a wake-up call for federal elected officials. The polling data we are releasing today should give pause to decision makers who assume the American public will support energy policies without regard to consequences or the impact these choices have on safe drinking water."


The survey also included polling on issues related to expanding shale gas production for export and  other energy-related issues.