Surges? Faults? Sags? 5 new products designed to help fix what ails your assets

Surges? Faults? Sags? 5 new products designed to help fix what ails your assets


By Liz Enbysk

SGN Managing Editor


Cooper Power Systems introduced what it's calling a new era in transformer design. BPL Global has a new plan to help utilities extend transformer life. Tollgrade Communications just announced a new version of its medium voltage sensors that measure power quality. Do you sense a theme? Scroll down for details on five new products that help monitor, measure and/or manage utility assets.


New 50 hertz MV sensors debut

Tollgrade Communications - voted by SGN readers as one of 2013's Smart Grid Companies to Watch - indeed has us watching. The company with headquarters in Cranberry Township, PA just announced a new 50 hertz version of its LightHouse medium voltage sensorsare now available in Europe and Asia and that Western Power Distribution in the United Kingdom is the company’s first European installation. The Lighthouse platform includes medium voltage sensors that measure load current, fault current, electric field strength, power factor, phase angle, sags, surges, wire temperature and harmonics as well as predictive analytics software that classifies grid conditions linked to map-view displays to give utilities  situational awareness so they can quickly respond to load planning, outages and power quality challenges. Learn more >>


TOANing up transformers

BPL Global entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Arizona Public Service Company (APS) for its patented Transformer Oil Analysis and Notification (TOAN) technology. BPLG says integration of TOAN into its fleet of transformer monitors will allow utility asset managers to monitor the health and extend the life of power transformers, one of the industry's largest cumulative investments and most expensive and critical individual item. "Arizona's extreme temperatures and historical growth require us to constantly evaluate and invest in our electric system; protecting that system is vital," said Don Lamontagne, APS Engineering Manager and TOAN inventor. "We developed TOAN to protect our transformer fleet, manage our investment and ensure a safe, reliable electric system for our customers. In the years to come, we expect TOAN to make similar contributions across the entire industry." Read more >>