Study ComEd's progress report for ways to sell utility smart grid programs



Quick Take:  We have talked before about Commonwealth Edison's long path to smart grid funding and performance-based ratemaking. I thought you might like to skim the just-released "Powering Lives" ComEd progress report . I think it illustrates several important ways to improve your messaging to customers about smart grid efforts. - Jesse Berst


"Powering Lives" summarizes the Illinois smart grid law and documents ComEd's progress against those metrics. Start by noticing its clean, open design and easy-to-spot summary graphics.


Notice as well the benefits that ComEd chooses to emphasize. Not just modernization, not just customer empowerment, but also jobs, economic development and reliability. I have long wondered why many utilities stress customer benefits that require those customers to change their behavior. Far safer, in my view, to emphasize benefits that the utility can be confident of delivering on its own, without any work on the part of the customer.

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