Solar truck providing power for Sandy victims still dealing with outages


By: SGN Staff

While many of Hurricane Sandy's victims have had power restored, there are areas where there's little electric grid left to restore - and some in those areas are saying they don't expect to have lights and heat until sometime next month. So residents in the Rockaways section of Queens were happy to see the Greenpeace Rolling Sunlight truck.


It's a mobile power generator equipped with more than 250 square feet of solar panels and batteries that can store roughly 50 kilowatt hours of electricity,  which means it can continue delivering power when the sun isn't cooperating. Robert Gardner, who campaigns for clean energy for Greenpeace, says residents can plug extension cords for heaters, power tools and lights directly into the well-equipped biodiesel-powered Isuzu truck, according to an article in Fast Company's Co.Exist.


Interestingly enough, the 10-year-old mobile solar power plant was never intended for disaster relief, Gardner explained. It was developed to draw attention to solar power when it wasn't nearly as commonplace as it is now, and toured the country visiting college campuses and providing power for concerts, food fairs and other social events.


A partnership of solar companies and nonprofits have also brought 10-kilowatt solar generators to the Rockaways and Staten Island, which is also without power.


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