Solar overwhelmingly supported in CA desert


A recent survey by Vote Solar, a non-profit solar advocacy group, in partnership with Probolsky Research, sought to assess Californian's attitudes toward solar development in California's desert regions. Only residents of the desert communities where renewable energy projects are being proposed were surveyed.

Results indicate that a majority -- or nearly 4 out of 5 -- understand the impacts and rewards of utility-scale desert solar projects, strongly supporting solar power facilities in their communities. The majority of respondents were also concerned about climate change and air quality issues. Two out of three respondents said that renewable energy is important to California's future and that state and federal government should provide financial support and tax incentives for it.

Utility-scale solar projects are just one piece of California's clean energy portfolio along with rooftop solar, energy efficiency, wind and geothermal power, and smart grid, among other opportunities to address threats of climate change and economic downturns.

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