So much new SCADA goodness (but so few words on security)


By Andy Bochman


Hat tip to EnergySec's Patrick Miller for finding and tweeting this article so I could find it. Please note before you read this post that it's not intended to be critical of the article it cites. I think it's great and if I didn't have to think about security it would feel like pure, unadulterated progress to me.


The article, "Web-based SCADA Gathers More Fans" which appeared recently in Automation World, describes many excellent new capabilities that are arriving in the SCADA world, many of which are related to new higher bandwidth communications between substations and other remote assets, often based on web technologies. As Honeywell engineer Gerry Browne says:


A few years ago, field equipment would have only a serial port. Today, the same equipment might have its own web server and methods that expose all its operating parameters. Remote data is now available immediately, allowing users to make better decisions.


What's not to like about that? Examples are drawn from oil and gas and water operations, but the applicability to electric sector use cases, including geographically dispersed substations and renewable generation is clear. Here are a few of the accounts.

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