SMUD optimizing smart grid investments with advanced grid analytics


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is in the process of deploying an integrated transmission and distribution (T&D) modeling tool powered by New Power Technologies' Energynet and GRIDiant Corporation's Advanced Grid Management, combining grid simulation and visualization capabilities with advanced grid analytics and optimization applications to maximize SMUD's smart grid investments.

"Our objective with the Integrated T&D Modeling Tool is to utilize the field monitoring and system modeling data available from legacy and new smart grid systems to provide high fidelity, quantifiable displays and analysis under specific system conditions," said SMUD Project Manager Jeff Berkheimer. "It will allow SMUD to more accurately assess, visualize, and manage current and future system impacts from electric vehicle deployments, energy storage systems, demand response programs, distributed generation, and solar PV generation within SMUD's service territory."

SMUD received American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding to implement a smart grid in Sacramento that serves as a model for California and the nation.

A portion of the funding will be used to install Distribution Automation systems, comprising intelligent switching and monitoring equipment on feeders, and retrofitting substations with new SCADA equipment, as well as to provide Advanced Operations Management Systems, including Conservation Voltage Reduction, Volt/VAR optimization, and Automatic Sectionalization and Restoration. SMUD has already completed its smart meter installation to all customers throughout its service area.

GRIDiant Corporation will exhibit its technology at DistribuTECH this week.