Smart meter backlash spreads to Wisconsin (sort of)


By: SGN Staff


About two dozen Marshfield, Wisconsin residents have told Marshfield Utilities they don’t want smart meters. No, it’s not a huge number but the water and electric meter installation project began only recently, in the summer.


The utility’s $4.5 million smart meter project began with replacing water meters because most are installed in the home and appointments need to be made to enter. Advanced electric meters will  be installed afterward.


While it certainly isn’t a massive uprising, Marshfield Utilities General Manager Bob Trussoni told the Marshfield News Herald that the utility is gathering names of residents who don’t want the meters.


But he did say he thinks some of the meter opponents will change their minds if they are required to pay $15 to $25 a month to keep their current meters. The utility does intend to submit an opt out plan to the state Public Service Commission. But, Trussoni said, "We can’t submit that until we know who wants to opt out.”


The complaints against smart meters are essentially the same as they have been in the variety of anti-metering initiatives that have been nagging utilities for a number of years: concerns about health related to electromagnetic emissions and concerns about data security.


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