Smart grid wins: from AMI and Big Data to DR and more



As usual, this week’s collection of smart grid wins features a variety of projects, partnerships and other developments in the sector. Let’s get right to it.



Inland Power & Light has selected a solution from Tantalus and Itron for public power to provide advanced metering infrastructure and smart grid services for the approximately 39,000 members in its cooperative in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. The fully integrated TUNet® (Tantalus Utility Network) platform will serve as the core foundation for IPL to deploy Itron AMI-ready meters for advanced applications such as automated metering, interval meter data collection, prepay and power quality management. Read more >>


The first commercial collaboration between PHG Energy of Nashville and GE Power & Water business is online and providing electricity from waste materials at a new Covington, Tenn., facility. GE’s Clean Cycle generator, based on the Organic Rankine Cycle technology, produces power by utilizing heat delivered through PHGE’s downdraft gasification system and waste-mixing process. The two companies successfully proved the coupling of the technologies in an extensive research and development project. The system uses city wood waste and sewer sludge. Read more >>



Entergy Mississippi, Inc. completed its integration into the Midcontinent Independent System Operator or MISO, setting the stage for what projections show could be more than a quarter-billion dollars in customer benefits in the first decade alone, while improving reliability. With Entergy's "cutover," MISO now stands as one of the nation's largest regional transmission organizations, comprising a pool of electricity generators and users that stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Entergy Mississippi can buy, sell and transmit electricity within this giant marketplace, and pass the resulting savings along to its customers. Read more >>


AutoGrid Systems has announced a strategic partnership with Big Data Energy Services, a cloud-based service provider and consulting firm, to deliver services and technology that will allow electricity providers to reduce the cost of power for their customers and mitigate the risk of sharply higher prices in tight energy markets. The two companies will market demand response services to curtail energy consumption during periods of tight supply. Read more >>

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