Smart grid winners - no debates, no sound bites required


By Liz Enbysk

SGN Managing Editor


If you're a bit weary of the slugfest over who will win the White House, enter our campaign-free zone where we're featuring wins of an entirely different sort - our weekly list of smart grid wins. Scroll down and click to page 2 for details on S&C Electric's win in Brazil, an Opower win in Australia, a Telvent win in New Zealand and many others too.





·         S&C Electric Company was awarded a $38.5 million USD contract to replace underground distribution switchgear at Cemig Distribuição SA, the largest energy distribution company in Brazil. Cemig will install more than 450 S&C Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear line-ups as part of a major asset renewal program at Cemig, which will result in modern, smart-grid functionality for local business and the 18 million people it serves. Read more >>


·         Opower is partnering with EnergyAustralia, one of Australia's largest energy retailers, to provide Opower’s customer energy engagement platform to 1,550,000 homes in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Customers will have access to the EnergyAustralia - Opower MyEnergyReport program through a secure web portal that provides insight and information into how they are using energy. "Putting friendly street rivalry to good use, MyEnergyReport has the potential to save Australian families millions of dollars as well as help the environment," noted Adrian Merrick of EnergyAustralia. Read more >>


·         Telvent will provide New Zealand's Unison Networks with advanced distribution management system (advanced DMS). Unison will use the Telvent technology to replace many of its existing systems, combining energy management into a single integrated platform. This advanced system will include SCADA, distribution management and outage management functionalities - providing   the core technology for Unison to modernize its electric grid. Read more >>


·         EnerNOC will add to the University of Vermont's (UVM) sustainability initiatives by deploying its EfficiencySMART Insight application which will collect energy data from high energy consuming buildings on campus and apply automated fault detection and diagnostic tools to analyze it. With the help of an EnerNOC energy analyst, UVM will get a prioritized list of energy efficiency measures it can take to cut costs. EnerNOC notes that because UVM is a longtime customer, having deployed its DemandSMART solution to participate in New England's demand response program, much of the infrastructure required to collect the energy data was already installed. Read more >>


·         Survalent Technology has been selected to provide a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for Union City Electric System which serves around 6,500 customers - from residential to industrial -- in Union City, Tennessee and surrounding areas. "Union City selected Survalent to replace their existing SCADA system to take advantage of smart grid functionality," noted Sales VP Steve Strauss. They are also one of the first users of the initial release of SmartVU, Survalent’s next generation user interface.” Read more >>


·         The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority awarded $250,000 to each of eight companies and research centers to develop working prototypes for a wide range of energy-storage technologies. All recipients are members of the NY Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium. In brief:  Custom Electronics wants to develop an energy-storage device known as a graphene electrolytic capacitor; E2TAC is working to enhance lithium-ion capacitors for improved short-term energy storage;  GE Energy Storage wants to develop an electric forklift for use in freezer warehouses using GE’s Durathon batteries; Graphene Devices is focused on graphene-based high energy ultracapacitors; Ioxus will continue development of its advanced ultracapacitors; Paper Battery Co.  seeks to develop a production prototype of its thin and flexible ultracapacitor; Primet Precision Materials wants to lower the manufacturing cost of key raw materials for lithium-ion batteries, and  Urban Electric Power wants to store a megawatt-hour worth of power in a "flow-assisted” zinc battery. Read more >>



·         Lindsey Manufacturing received the Far West Region Outstanding Partnership Award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) in recognition of Lindsey's success in commercializing technology developed by Idaho National Labs. The partnership resulted in the development of Lindsey's Transmission Line Monitor that assists with real-time rating and forecasting of high-voltage line capacity. Read more >>


·         Edison Electric Institute announced its 2012 National Key Accounts Customer Service Awards recipients selected by the nation’s leading chain and multi-site businesses:

o    Electric Utilities

§  Duke Energy

§  Pacific Gas & Electric

§  Southern California Edison


o    Individuals

§  Terry Holt, Duke Energy

§  Greg Cope, Florida Power & Light

§  Darren Kelsey, American Electric Power

§  Michael Johnson, Entergy

§  Chris Smith, Southern Company

§  Ann Moore, Entergy


Three electric companies and three utility representatives were also honored for their sustained efforts over the years to deliver excellent customer service:

o    Electric Utilities

§  AEP

§  Entergy

§  Southern Company

o    Individuals

§  Barry Mosser, AEP

§  Janet Booker, Southern Company

§  Judy Corrigan, Xcel Energy


Read more about the awards >>


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