Smart grid market: Are we finally escaping from the recession?


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: A new report from research firm Newton-Evans suggests that smart grid budgets may be ticking up. Across all the different segments, fewer than 10% of utilities reported that their smart grid spending will be going down.


Newton-Evans is known for conservative estimates based on solid evidence, so the fact that they see optimism is a good sign. Take a look at the brief summary below. If your utility is not increasing (or at least maintaining) its smart grid spending, it may be out of step with current needs and realities. - By Jesse Berst


Ongoing global tracking study finds increased 2013 CAPEX and O&M pudgets planned for several smart grid-related automation and infrastructure categories


The Newton-Evans Research Company today announced the publication of its fifth study in the multi-year tracking research program looking into electric power utility CAPEX budgets related to smart grid investments and infrastructure spending plans.