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Smart Grid Jobs in the News


Smart grid jobs? You better believe it

After running through a mixed bag of job reports - hundreds of openings here, thousands of layoffs coming there -- we decided to do our own spot check of the industry. We scanned jobs sites for more than 20 electric utilities and smart grid vendors around the country. And were stunned by what we found.


Smart grid staffing... outsource to Argentina? 

If you agree that the shortage of technical talent is the number one gating factor in the build-out of the smart grid, you'll want to read what a former VP at Trilliant is trying to do about it in - of all places - Buenos Aires. It's an interesting venture, with implications for utilities everywhere.



Smart grid research: Where the jobs are (and where they will be next)

Duke University research analyst Marcy Lowe summarizes the highlights from a new report she co-authored on where the U.S. smart grid jobs are, and where they'll be next.





Follow the Money

If you know who received stimulus awards or who is launching new smart grid initiatives, you’ve got an idea of who may be hiring. Here are some ways to follow the money:

·         Department of Energy’s In Your State lists stimulus projects and related news by state.

·        SGN's 50 state smart grid toolkits provide project details, state government contacts, local utilities and related information.

·        SGN'S projects channel can help you track smart grid projects, demos and pilots.


Job Boards

Designing and building a modern electrical grid will involve workers with a wide range of experiences - from laboratory scientists and researchers to skilled electricians and heavy equipment operators. The government itselfâ€"including the Department of Energyâ€"is also hiring to meet the demands of the Recovery Act. These resources focus on key industries:


Energy/Green Sites


Green Jobs Guide

Green Energy Jobs

Jobs in the Solar Industry

Careers in Wind

Tree Hugger Job Board

Grist Jobs

Federal Department of Energy Jobs

Yahoo: Energy and Utilities Jobs

National Association of Energy Services Companies Job Site

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Energy Jobs Portal


Professional and Trade Sites


IEEE Job Site

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Career Center

AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Center for Green Jobs


Additional Resources In pictures, 5 steps to finding a stimulus job

McGraw Hill Construction Stimulus Special Section

Green Jobs Guidebook

Green Jobs: Survey of the Energy Industry

State one-stop employment and training sites

State Labor Market Information

State Energy Office Contacts

Directory of DOE National Laboratories and Technology Centers