Smart grid hiring tips from a utility pro


If you're wondering how you're going to find the smart grid talent you need to pull off a smart meter deployment or some other major initiative, we thought you'd want to see the advice former Glendale Water and Power (GWP) GM Glenn Steiger shared in an interview with Smart Grid Careers.


Steiger, now a consultant on smart grid and related issues to the energy and water industries, was at the helm during the pioneering California utility's smart meter roll out. Based on his insights, the bottom line is that finding the right "human capital" for successful smart grid initiatives may not be quick or easy or without a budget hit. Below are just two examples:


·         Relocation may be necessary: Depending on where you're located, competition may be keen for the kind of people you need -- or local talent may be hard to come by. Steiger said that GWP accommodated relocation for about 60% of its new tech hires.


·         Expect to pay more for technical staff: As Steiger points out, in the tech recruitment space demand exceeds supply and your compensation package has to be competitive. He said GWP experienced a 15-20% increase in tech labor costs.


You can read the rest of the interview, where Steiger also discusses tech employee shelf life (2-3 years) and the advantages of contracting to jump-start projects, at the Smart Grid Careers website.


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