Smart grid futures: New research coalition points to key issues


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: On the surface, the release below is a typical IBM effort. The company has gathered several key customers to share the costs of research. But notice that this effort is focused on predictive analytics. Then remember that analytics thought leader SAS Systems has just made a major push into smart grid analytics, as has superstar startup C3 Energy.


With that in mind, this announcement reveals where IBM believes the money is:

  1. Outage management
  2. Asset management
  3. Renewables integration
  4. Situational awareness
  5. Participatory network


The first four are areas of major opportunity for almost any utility, in my view. The fifth is... well, I don't exactly know what IBM means with this latest buzzword. Use the Talk Back form at the bottom if you have a guess.


You don't necessarily have to join this group or buy the resulting solutions that will be developed by IBM. But you should pay attention to at least the first four areas listed above. The three partner utilities are known world-wide for pushing the edge. So is IBM. We should all be looking where these smart people are pointing. - By Jesse Berst


IBM launches Smart Energy Research Institute


International Business Machines (IBM) has launched the Smarter Energy Research Institute with the aim of accelerating innovation across the global energy and utilities market.


Hydro-Quebec, the Netherlands' Alliander and US-based DTE Energy have joined as the first members in this new institute, which is expected to transform energy firms through the use of advanced computation, system optimization and predictive analytics.