Smart grid data: Should the U.S. be more like Europe (think centralized)



The UK parliament is about to consider measures to create a data communications company that will centralize all the consumption data from the country's electricity and gas meters, according to a report from UK-based Energy Efficiency News. Gas and electricity suppliers will be required to use the company to communicate with residential smart meters and can optionally use it for commercial and industrial too.


The UK is not the only European country that stores data centrally with strict privacy and security guidelines. Think of it as a mandatory Green Button program, but one where a central company has responsibility for the data as well. Would that be a safer, more efficient approach in the U.S. and elsewhere?


Jump over to our Tuesday Topic discussion forum to discuss how you think smart meter data should be stored. For instance:

  • Centrally by a private company under strict guidelines
  • By each utility under strict central guidelines
  • By each utility under guidelines determined state-by-state

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