Smart grid customers are ready but not engaged


Earlier this week, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) released the results of its extensive 2012 research efforts at the SGCC Symposium, co-located with DistribuTECH. The bottom-line research revealed that smart grid customers are ready for engagement.

The research found that many of the 4,000 consumers SGCC spoke with like the idea of smart technology and would be willing to participate in the programs that this type of technology can facilitate. The issue is that utilities have not provided enough education to engage these consumers.

What can utilities do to provide that engagement? The key is understanding what is most meaningful and valuable to each customer or customer segment.

"The key to engaging consumers in smart grid is understanding how to appeal to them in terms that will resonate -- how to answer their objections and make it easy for them to interact with new technology," said SGCC Executive Director Patty Durand.

For many customers, it's not just about savings money. Depending on the segment, numerous other smart grid benefits may resonate.

For example, more environmentally conscious consumers appreciate that smart grid has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emission and more easily integrating with renewable energy.

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