Smart grid consumers say educate me, engage me (and make it easy on me!)


The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative just issued its latest 'State of the Consumer Report. Bottom line:  Most consumers like smart technology and would be willing to participate in energy-saving programs. But there's still a lot of work to be done.


Based on research studies conducted in 2012, SGCC found that about 75 percent of consumers either have never heard the term smart grid or don’t know what it means. In addition to the awareness problem, SGCC points to the following highlights from its 2013 report:


·         Segmentation matters: When it comes to smart grid, consumers are not homogeneous in their attitudes, opinions or behaviors, and they all need more education.


·         Benefits outweigh concerns:  When consumers are provided with information about the benefits and key concerns of smart grid, the positive statements are more persuasive and resonate better.


·         It’s not just about saving money:  SGCC research demonstrates that multiple smart grid benefits resonate with various segments and types of consumers. 


·         Program interest is quite strong:  SGCC research has found that consumers express strong interest in smart grid-enabled programs and services.


·         Low-income consumers require special focus: While similar to the general population in terms of general smart grid awareness, low-income consumers are different many ways, including communication preferences.

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