The smart buildings market: What's hot and what to expect


By: SGN Staff


The smart buildings market is big and getting bigger as growing energy costs increasingly squeeze operating budgets, so much so that IDC Energy Insights expects to see investment in smart building solutions hit more than $10 billion by 2015. And IDC identifies distributed energy resources (DER) as "vital to the functionality of a smart building" if it is going to become an effective part of the smart grid.


The market intelligence and advisory services company provides a comprehensive overview of the market in a new report, Business Strategy: Accelerating Investment in Distributed Energy Sources for Smart Buildings. It also gives technology solutions and services providers who want to get into the market a detailed view of the opportunities and challenges they can expect. Essentially, it's a how-to guide for solution providers on how to identify and connect with partners that have complementary solutions and how to identify the market segments that match up with their solutions and services.


The report also expands on a number of key issues solutions providers need to consider, such as:

·         The vast differences in business strategies for energy and operations management mean no single DER solution will work for all facilities

·         In an ideal world, DER solutions will support reliability or function as a resource for establishing a smart building as a microgrid

·         Solutions providers need to understand the many and diverse business drivers in such a rapidly growing and evolving market.


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